Simple weeds lay forgivingly underneath each step.
Slipped a tear once again for you.
A lush sheath of green, interrupted for a memory’s sake.
A visit to the area you lay – unmarked and overtaken by nature.
I no longer know where I stand in your proximity.
What remains, after all this time has slipped behind me?
Is the thriving world above you the consequence of your moving on?

Do you hold against me the tiny annoyances that used to let me laugh?
Kept me up at night, before and ever since.
I never will for get the slight differences you couldn’t change.
The differences I’ll never experience once more.
Reality’s bruises stamp my heart.
It was suddenly you were weak.
In the beginning, you always deny the end.
Vividly, we all see it into future.
Yet somehow, life still manages to crumble at its blatantly announced arrival.
Everyday I feel the guilt you left me. Was I wrong? I was normal.

Society did not disagree.
Shounldn’t’ve been the referee.

I know you never meant it, you couldn’t have.
It’s merely what existence encompasses.
We all could have done more the second time around.
But I don’t ask for that.
It couldn’t work.

That simple patch of nature shows what can come of old in time.
Let this be that lesson.
Deprived, you learned,
but bitterly overdue.

An evergreen on its second year, flourishes on your shaded, earthen green.
The glimmer of butterfly wisps about and past.
You were my first love.


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